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funny and/or meaningful quotes from LOTR, The Hobbit (books and movies are OK), LOTR actors, etc.
This community is a spin-off of metaquotes, with a focus and some expansion. Spot a funny line on LiveJournal, in an interview, in a fanfic, anywhere, as long as if has something to do with Tolkien's novels and/or the movies made from them (including the people in said movies)? Post it here! The rules are:
  • No quoting from locked or private entries. This is a bannable offense.
  • Keep 'em short -- if we have to click the scroll bar, it's too long.
  • Keep 'em simple -- if you need more than a few words to explain, don't bother.
  • Credit all quotes by a link to the LJ, URL, etc. where you found 'em.
  • If a quote is from a fanfic, credit author and title too.
  • If a quote is not online, tell where you got it.

NOTE: This community is NOT meant to replace Metaquotes -- you can still post LJ-specific LOTR quotes over there! It's up to you.

ETA: _redpanda_ was the founder, and msilverstar is around to remove spam, etc.