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LOTRQuotes Rides Again

After that really annoying spam post, this community is back on its feet again -- funny how a spammer did some good for a change. I'm modding, at least temporarily, and looking for others to share duties with. So please read the rules and post your LotR, Tolkien, or cast-related quotes!

I think this is a pretty good quote to start again with: Guillermo Del Toro went onto the TORn forums, talking about the the episodic nature of the Hobbit as a story. He says,
Thorin & Co repeatedly go:

BANQUET-TRAPPED-FREED (Trolls, Goblins, Spider, Elves)
when studying for PANS LABYRINTH, I found out that the "predictable outcome" of these episodes is part of the charm of this particular form of tale. So, don’t be afraid, we are truly trying to preserve the charm of it- the whimsy of it
We need to make sure there are "long lines" emotionally (growth, friendship, etc) amongst Thorin & Co and dramatically (how episodes "build" upon each other ) that will make everything feel more fluid.

(there's more all very reassuring!
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