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I'm looking for someone who can write music to be the songwriter on what promises to be the biggest thing ever to hit Broadway, just as soon as it's written. It's the tragic story of feuding bands of Rohirrim and Uruk-hai, torn apart by the deep racial divide that runs between man and orc, and the romance that blooms between a young Uruk and a captain in the army of Rohan. It's going to end like no other play: each night, the set will be completely burnt down in the final battle, and then rebuilt by little Oompa Loompa stagehands in time for the next day's matinee. It'll be called Westfold Story.

- rex_dart
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Do the Uruk Hai, Rohirrim, and Gondorians sing a momentous ballad about how they're going to kick each other's asses with appearances from Arwen and Eowyn?


'When you're an Uruk, you're an Uruk all the way/ From your first white hand paint to your last dieing day...etcetera etcetera *g*
That one Uruk torn between dignity and love--
'Toniiiiight, tooniiiiiight, I'll see my love tonight!'

'We want to be in Meduseld. We like here in Meduseld! We want to stay here in Meduseld/But only if you're a man in Meduseld!'

I will pay tons and tons of money to see this show.