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More Mary Sue humor

shieldmaidenjen here in anti_deleterius:

People say I am the most beautifulll elf in Middle-earth but how can I be pretty if I am not happy?
After all, my father was killed by orks when I was only two days conceived, my mother got raped by Saron and his seed influenced my dead father's seed and therefore I am half-evil like Saron, my entire village got burned by some orks, my cat got run over by a truck, Lord Elrond adopted me and that stupid Evenstar treats me like a servant gurl even though I'm really a princess of the secret country Lathelovania (which is right abovve Mirkwood!!!), I'm oppressed by men all the time even though I am the bestest fighter in ME, I almost didn't get to go with the Fellowship, Gimli laughed at me, the Balrog almost defeated me, Boromir raped me, I don't known about proper punctuation or how to use periods, I had to rescue Merry and Pippin and Treebeard all by myself, I have to hide my true feelings for Legolas because I will surely die if I marry him because I'm half evil, and everyone thinks Eowyn is a better fighter than me!!!!!!
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